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Desk Wars

An aid to locating blogs relating to Gill Steward’s decision to restrict reporting facilities


The peanut brained Gill Steward is wasting more of your money - 2nd September 2016
Bexley Council behaves like idiots. You pay - 23rd August 2016
Round 2 of Desk Wars - 22nd August 2016
Gill Steward. “Just a professional pain in the arse” - 21st August 2016
Sad, Bad and Mad - 20th August 2016
Bexley appoints another failure - 19th August 2016
Small minded Chief Executive withdraws the Press Desk. Gives no reason - 18th August 2016
Catching up with correspondence - 17th August 2016
Ms. Gill Steward. Fame at last! - 29th July 2016
Stewardship of Bexley is clearly devoid of common sense - 24th July 2016
A Declaration of War? - 21st July 2016

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