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News and Comment June 2022

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26 June - I joined the club

Covid TestI was beginning to feel left out, almost everyone I know has had it but I refused to become paranoid about the Chinese flu and never did.

Then on Friday morning I acquired a bit of a cough and by 9 p.m. had minor flu symptoms and took myself to bed early. A bit sweaty and a little under the weather on Saturday morning but not enough to prevent me tackling a concreting job in the front garden. I should have finished it but lethargy won as it does all too frequently as the next big birthday gets perilously closer.

Today things are quite a lot better, overheated perhaps but not seriously unwell and improving all the time.

The mystery is where did it come from. I went with friends to a flying display at Duxford last Sunday. I took the Liz line for a very quick visit to my daughter on Monday and I had a visitor on Wednesday. None of my known contacts are unwell.


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