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Bonkers Blog August 2016

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17 August (Part 1) - Catching up with correspondence

With very little to report from around Bexley right now it seems like a good time to catch up with correspondence. I never did get a letter from the confrontational and over paid Chief Executive, Gill Steward about her withdrawal of full reporting facilities at Council meetings so I asked for a copy to be sent.

Dear Ms. Steward,

Moon FaceOn the evening of 20th July 2016 you told me that you had instructed officers not to provide a Press Table at meetings because there was no law to say you had to. It had been a feature of Council Meetings in Bexley for as long as anyone can remember.

You told me you had written to me to explain your decision. My ward Councillor had given me the same message a few minutes earlier after his attempt to assist me was rebuffed by officers acting on your instructions.

Nearly a month later your letter of explanation has not arrived and I must ask you to provide a duplicate.

I am particularly looking forward to your explanation of how your decision complies with The Department for Communities and Local Government’s note that says “Councils and local government bodies should use their common sense to determine the range of reasonable facilities”.

It is disappointing that your first acknowledgement of my presence at Council meetings had to be confrontational, it is not what one expects of a rational individual. I suspect you were under instructions from those with a history of stupid and occasionally criminal behaviour.

Without a satisfactory explanation from yourself I shall inevitably submit the facts to the Local Government Ombudsman for an opinion.

Yours sincerely,


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