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Bonkers Blog August 2016

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22 August (Part 1) - Round 2 of Desk Wars

Making a complaint about a council is a torturous long drawn out business which is why I generally leave such things to Mick Barnbrook. I’ve not complained to Bexley Council since I discovered that Lynn Tyler, Bexley’s Legal Team Manager, was referring untruthfully to my misbehaviour at a Council meeting as part of her response to Freedom of Information requests. I have several statements from Councillors that confirm that I neither moved nor opened my mouth at that meeting.

Usually Bexley’s priority is to withhold anything remotely personal, even things that would be freely available elsewhere like Mr.  Alabi’s legal qualifications - if there are any. Ms. Tyler’s lies led to the allegation of Misconduct in Public Office against her which is still with the CPS.

PITABut my reluctance to embark on such a course must be overcome in the case of the PITA who is now Bexley’s Chief Executive. First you ask a question, then you make a complaint, then you ask for a review of the inevitable whitewash and finally you try your luck with the Local Government Ombudsman, an organisation stuffed full of former local government officers whose aim in life you can easily guess at.

Last week, and a month after it was sent, I received the letter informing me of Gill Steward’s perverse decision to withdraw reporting facilities at Bexley Council meetings. The original letter went astray because she had guessed my email address and got it wrong. You’d think that she would have noticed the message bounce but apparently that is beyond her skill set

So here’s the enquiry I sent her over the weekend. I suspect this will just be the beginning of another totally unnecessary argument.

Bexley Council simply hates residents who notice what they do.

Dear Ms. Steward,

Thank you for your letter dated 13th July which was delivered to me last week.

Whilst it makes your decision clear it does not offer any clue as to why such a perverse decision was taken. Generally speaking, only malevolent dictators do that. I therefore have just a few questions.

1. Who initiated the review of the current arrangements and how many people were involved?
2. What was the object of the review?
3. Has the provision of a table ever caused a problem or the facility been abused?
4. Theoretically any resident or even non-resident may report on Bexley Council meetings. Am I alone in receiving one of your letters?
5. Your Press Officer occasionally sits at a desk identical to that withdrawn and in a similar position to facilitate his report writing. Is Mr. Ferry subject to the same restrictions?
6. Whilst it is no longer a regular occurrence, only one instance in the past year to my knowledge, the local press sometimes attends and reports Bexley Council meetings. Are their reporters also deprived of the facilities which the Council has traditionally provided?

I look forward to your comprehensive reply.

Yours sincerely

As Gill Steward shows every sign of being an enduring cretin, an Index to related blogs has been created.


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