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Bonkers Blog August 2016

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18 August (Part 3) - Small minded Chief Executive withdraws the Press Desk. Gives no reason

I requested a copy of the letter supposedly sent a month ago to advise me that the long standing provision of a Press Desk at Bexley Council meetings was to be withdrawn. I now have it and it is reproduced below.

It is an act of spite by a small minded individual. No reason for the withdrawal is given. it would appear that we have an idiot in charge of the borough entitled to do idiotic things.

However I doubt very much that it was Gill Steward’s decision, can she really be that stupid? Click for her CV.

My suspicion is that she is under orders from one of our vindictive political clowns. Maybe Teresa O’Neill but more likely in my opinion the Rochester Rotter, Don Massey.

However it is the Chief Executive who will now be given top billing for the stupidity. Various questions are in preparation. They will ensure the name of Gill Steward is dragged through the gutter of Bexley politics as often as possible and handed to Google’s search engine regularly.

No desk

Click or scroll to see Bexley’s pathetic Chief Executive’s vengeful letter.


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