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According to Inspector Knacker, being unfriendly is a crime

Bonkers Blog September 2016

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Old Farm

2 September - The peanut brained Gill Steward is wasting more of your money

StewardThe Cornish Cretin, the West Sussex Witch, the Bexley Buffoon has done it again. Another attack on democracy in the borough by the new Chief Executive, Gill Table Thief Steward. By all accounts she hates being reported here and such is her miniscule intellect that she goes out of her way, and spends your money, on making the reporting of public Council meetings ever more difficult.

Last night she introduced her latest ‘I’m Out To Get Bonkers’ wheeze; a barrier to protect Councillors who were under no threat from the public anyway.

I wasn’t there, the meeting was just run of the mill planning stuff, but Councillors were quick to comment and get their cameras out.

The barrier does nothing other than prove that Gill Steward is a moron of mind blowing proportions. If she insists on keeping me further away from the proceedings I shall simply take along a longer lens and a more sensitive microphone.

Gill Steward, the Gift That Keep On Giving us all cause to believe she is as gormless as she looks.

For the record, she has so far failed to respond to my complaint of her Table Thieving.


Public relegated to the cheap plastic seats.

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