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Bonkers Blog October 2015

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14 October (Part 2) - Bins trashed

News Shopper“I wonder if the Bexley is Bonkers chap is following this farce” comments Gema on the News Shopper’s website. Click image for their ‘trash’ report.

Well of course he has but it would become boring to mention it every day.

I think this may be a comprehensive list of bin related blogs since I first predicted the charge 15 months ago.

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Bin tax debated in council - 19th February 2015
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Press Release - 1st June 2015
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More bin problems - 2nd October 2015
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How the service could have been delivered at little cost - 11th October 2015

That’s quite enough I would have thought.

BinI know of no missed collections in my road, unless you count the old brown bins which have been laying around for a fortnight next Friday.

However I know I have been very fortunate, at last night’s Cabinet meeting I heard several stories about orders for new bins being placed during Week 1 (June) which weren’t delivered until this week and only after several phone calls and emails.

The whole system seems to have collapsed into chaos, even the communal bins are being neglected and councillor Craske who is responsible for the fiasco has felt obliged to write to the press again.

Maybe the weight of a full 240 litre bin explains the back ache I have had for a week.


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