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Bonkers Blog September 2015

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4 September (Part 2) - Bexley council’s rubbish

BinsIt’s one of those things that you feel can only be a disaster waiting to happen.

Bexley council has provided a simple and effective free garden waste collection service for nearly ten years riding to the top of the recycling league tables on the back of it, effectively weaning residents off of bonfires and huge compost heaps, and then it’s all change.

How will the 25,000 people prepared to pay for their bins stop the other 50,000 gardeners filling them up? A problem everywhere but especially so in places with communal bin areas, flats for example.

What about those who could accommodate their 140 litre bin but not one nearly twice the size?

How do they collect the old bins from people who keep theirs where they are most useful? In their back gardens. And why are they so keen to do so when the scrap value was said to be under £1 and the collection and disposal costs every bit as much? (Former cabinet member for bins, Don Massey at a council meeting.)

Why are they leaving a gap of a month between old and new style collections as the accompanying streetlife post claims?

Because they haven’t got a clue.


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