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Bonkers Blog August 2015

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5 August (Part 2) - Off target

Bexley council issued two Press Releases today. First there was one that said the number of sign ups for the new bin tax had exceeded 11,000, and then there was this one…
Press Release
Note the emphasis on the bigger brown bin when in fact the annual capacity is down by 17·5% due to the reduced collection frequency. Typical of Bexley council’s dishonesty.

The revised figure of 13,500 suggests that the break even target should be reached but that the hoped for 30,000 may not materialise by September.

I have seen quite a lot of comment on internet forums, newspaper comment pages etc. to the effect that a bit of garden waste can go in the green bin. At the very first council meeting at which the subject was discussed in detail, the responsible cabinet member who at the time was Don Massey made it absolutely clear that Bexley council will regard that as an excuse to abrogate their responsibilities totally.
Press Release
There appears to be a mistake in the final sentence, food and garden waste will be going to separate facilities but how is that a reason for not putting either in the green (non-recyclable) waste bin? Perhaps they couldn’t think of an excuse that made sense.

The big fraud of course is that by getting residents to segregate food and garden waste they can not only charge for the latter but they estimated that the processing costs would fall by £444,000 a year. Cake and eat it. Nice.


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