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Bonkers Blog October 2015

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3 October (Part 2) - Beating the bin system

The food waste bin arrived here this morning which means there is only the one stage left before the changeover is complete; collection of the old garden waste bin.

Bin Bin Bin BinThe much maligned hinge allows the lid to be locked and become fox proof. It seems to be quite effective but maybe not very strong. But looks can be deceptive, PVC can be pretty tough stuff.

Some houses appear to have been given two bins, I have noticed two not very far from home, one address I am absolutely sure has only two occupants so Bexley council’s system, if there is one, remains a puzzle.

Multiple bins and neighbour cooperation is obviously a good thing if you can get away with it. Yesterday my green bin was filled almost entirely with my next door neighbour’s rubbish - five occupants there and only one here - and their brown bin was entirely filled by my garden waste and some imported from Bromley.

Maybe I should offer my food waste bin to my neighbour, no food gets chucked out here, but then I don’t have three children in the house. Meanwhile the toilet rolls in the under stairs cupboard have a new home.


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