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Bonkers Blog February 2015

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28 February (Part 1) - Fallen into bad company

Anna FirthI didn’t always manage to get myself to Northumberland Heath on a weekly basis to look at the regeneration supposedly going on there but when I did, I was always disappointed.

Work began on 12th January and as the council poster included on the first blog on this subject proclaimed, we were going to see new trees, granite benches, foreign language signs, new bins, new bollards, new paving, new railings and banners hanging from lamp posts.

At the end of the first week Mill Road was blocked while two men worked and by the 24th January Mill Road was still closed and some waste bins had been replaced.

The end of week 3 (February 3rd) saw no great change and chaos was still in charge on 10th February. Last week I didn’t find the time to get there and I was very much aware that I may have missed completion day.

However I was alerted to the latest situation when Anna Firth, the Conservative General Election candidate for the area, Tweeted late last night (complete with a Mill Road picture) that Mill Road was open for traffic.

MudI hitched a lift to Northumberland Heath as soon as I could.

Mill Road was indeed open, the tarmac is a nice rich black and there is a raised table made of Bexley council’s favoured bus averse red blocks and (Photo 2) a couple of granite benches by its side. There isn’t a lot to show for the money and the area has not been dramatically transformed.

The paving has been replaced over a small area either side of the junction and plastic barriers still abound. Of the decorative historical  banners there is no sign.

Bexley TimesI suppose it is a decent amount of work for two men to do in seven weeks but it’s not nearly as big an area as my own blocked drive which was done in far less time.

Have you been paying attention? From 10th January to 27th February is seven weeks and the job was scheduled for six.

The would-be MP however has been spending too much time with councillor Philip Read and fallen for his propaganda, hopefully not into his ways. Her bragging last night was that thanks to Tory efficiency Mill Road opened on time.
North Heath North Heath North Heath North Heath.


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