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Bonkers Blog January 2015

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24 January (Part 2) - Bin and gone

I’m still banned from looking at councillor Philip Read’s Tweets. It’s not an effective strategy, most of them reach me one way or another.

It would appear from one of today’s (Image 1) that I missed the new bins when I walked through Northumberland Heath yesterday.

Bins Bins Bins Flytipping

Good for Northumberland Heath, In Abbey Wood the bins are gradually disappearing.

Abbey Wood lost the Gayton Road bins to Crossrail and now it’s lost the Harrow Manorway bins - to Crossquarter presumably. Bexley council can’t be bothered to reposition any of them and then they wonder why the place is a fly tip.

Below you see the Abbey Tower and Crossquarter development. A new Sainsburys by Summer. Allegedly.


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