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Bonkers Blog January 2015

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10 January - More disruption planned for traders and drivers

Northumberland HeathThe people and traders of Belvedere did the right thing, they objected to Bexley council’s plans to spoil their little village, but Bexleyheath, Welling and Sidcup have all suffered the long term disruption that regeneration brings with it.

The next shopping area picked out for the block and granite seat treatment is Northumberland Heath. I passed by on a bus last Thursday lunchtime, very slowly because the Tesco Express was taking a delivery and there is nowhere other than the narrow road for a lorry to park. The traffic jam extended across the Brook Street roundabout towards Barnehurst. Mill Road and its car park was open but very difficult to get to. From next Monday things can only get worse.

The Mill Road junction with Bexley Road will be closed.

Fortunately Bexley is not spending much money on Northumberland Heath, the disruption should be all over in six weeks.

When the plans were first announced they were not universally welcomed.


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