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Bonkers Blog February 2015

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26 February (Part 4) - Blocked roads. Not what they are cracked up to be

RepairA Labour councillor told me last August that Bexley council had not noticed that their newly blocked Arnsberg Way was breaking up at its junction with Woolwich Road until they saw the BiB report.

The council made a point of saying the junction would be duly repaired at no cost to taxpayers and, if I remember correctly, issued a press release to that effect. The road was duly repaired and it promptly broke up again.

At the recent Places Scrutiny meeting it was said that the problem is one of design, not construction. I hope Bexley council is going to apologise to F.M. Conway and reimburse them the repair costs.

So now that Bexley council has learned the hard way what in my day every schoolboy knew, that a big bus wheel on full lock destroys roads, what are they going to do about it?

Replace with tarmac!

NoticeThis week’s Public Notices tell us when.

The junction with Woolwich Road will be closed off and the current one way section will be made two way so that residents at the southern end can get home. Everyone will suffer another eight weeks of disruption.

I believe the new junction will be a raised platform with the traditional, but probably coloured, tarmacadam surface to ensure that bus passengers can continue to get as rough a ride as they do over blocks.

This will be the third time that junction has been significantly reconstructed in fewer than 20 months. John Loudon McAdam must be laughing in his grave.


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