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Bonkers Blog January 2015

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1 January (Part 4) - Cheers!

Philip ReadBexley council thinks you drink too much - click for Bexley Times report - and Google images has come up with a self absorbent [sic] idiot to emphasise the point!

We already know that Bexley council believes you smoke too much and Teresa O’Neill thinks you eat too much because she chairs the committee that is supposed to tackle the obesity problem.

Getting you to cut down on drinking is a new campaign headed up by cabinet member Alex Sawyer. I have no doubt that he favours a dry Bexley because it is he who is pushing for the closure of the Belvedere Splash Park; on the other hand it doesn’t sit well with promoting cocktails under the name Bexley Breeze Block or the council’s enthusiasm for Bexley Beers, excellent though they are reputed to be.

I suspect the drive towards a teetotal Bexley is another case of do as I say, not as I do.

No matter which time of day I go to The Portrait in Sidcup, councillor Gareth Bacon is always there with a pint in his hand. Weekday or weekend. Evening or middle of the afternoon he is there. Today he was enjoying an expletive laden conversation with a few others propping up the bar.

At least Bacon is spending his near £100k of taxpayers’ money in the borough. Credit where it’s due but when does he take time off from boozing to use his free six zone Oyster card?


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