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Bonkers Blog November 2014

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12 November (Part 2) - All hands to the beer pumps

I have run out of time, there's another meeting to go to this evening, but I implied there would be a Part 2 by suffixing the Splash Park report with Part 1. I suppose I had better concoct something brief and easy to write.

The suggestions of paranoia and insanity from my councillor friend continue to provoke comment. I shall confine myself to mentioning just two recent emails. One reader said he came close to bursting out laughing at an important business meeting while sneaking a look at BiB on his tablet. Serves him right, shirking on the job ; but another message provided a welcome surprise.

It’s a bit of a tight rope act to balance upsetting Bexley council as much as possible while sticking firmly to the truth and not offending too many innocents along the way but it would appear that councillors do not have many friends so I generally get away with it.

BeerWhen I expressed surprise that Teresa O’Neill chose to feature the Bexley Brewery in her leader’s report my suspicious mind smelled a rat but some research later suggested I was wrong. Yesterday I received a message which would appear to confirm I was very wrong.

I opened it with some trepidation as it came from Bexley Breweries but I need not have worried. Mr. Bexley Brewery is a regular Bonkers reader and offered kind words of encouragement. I’d better not relay his exact words or he might be blacklisted by you know who.

I don’t dislike beer but as a coeliac I shouldn’t drink it because of the barley (traces of gluten), but I am going to drop into one of their resellers this evening and risk half a pint. Later I shall get myself down to the brewery with my widest angle lens to see if a suitable image for a new Bonker’s site banner can be found. I refuse all requests to carry adverts but interesting views from around the borough are not adverts are they?

For the record the monthly blog usually gets around 30,000 visitors a month, quite a lot of them repeat visits I am sure and over the years Bonkers has had visits from every country in the world bar Greenland and a few insignificant islands. No wonder Bexley council hates me. But I may help shift a few more beers.

Bexley Brewey.


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