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Bonkers Blog January 2015

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1 January (Part 3) - Self absorbed idiot

Philip ReadI’m trying to imagine what one of those would be like, I don’t think I know any self absorbed idiots, at least not outside Bexley council and even there there is no very obvious candidate for both epithets. It is however what cabinet member Philip Read called me on Twitter this morning.

“So he thought I didn't know the hashtag #SadLabour meant he could see my tweet? Lol. What a self absorbed idiot! Oh well, back to ignoring him.”

Councillor Philip Read presumably doesn’t like my recent references to him, which is very good news indeed because one reason for continuing with Bexley is Bonkers is because all the feedback indicates it annoys the hell out of Read and his ilk. Most deny reading B-i-B, well they would say that wouldn’t they?

Read’s grasp of psychology is evidently very poor and he must have learned nothing from his red faced friend Peter Craske. Craske has learned to keep his head down since having his collar felt as have all the other professional fibbers who thought they could stifle criticism and comment by calling in favours from their obedient military wing. I doubt they will be trying that again.

If you are an anti-democrat by nature it makes more sense to follow the lead given by the top dogs. Cut meetings, ignore petitions, declare consultations invalid due to low response levels, refuse FOIs, declare critics vexatious, lie whenever possible and if all else fails, get someone else to do the dirty work. It makes reporting their antics ever more difficult but the nature of the evil beast gradually becomes more apparent.

Maybe the self absorbed idiot has been given appropriate instructions because Read subsequently deleted his Tweet. He would be better employed sorting out the squabbles in the Erith & Thamesmead branch of the Conservative party of which Read is deputy chairman. He will have to work very hard to get me to vote for my old party again.


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