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Bonkers Blog October 2014

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26 October (Part 2) - Sunday sundries

Will Tuckley
I’m not at all sure I believe this but a story leaked to me by someone claiming to be in the know at Westminster council says that Will Tuckley has been interviewed for the top job there. I can understand Tuckley wanting to get away from Bexley but a vacancy at Westminster does not seem very likely to me. Their current Chief Executive Charlie Parker has only been there for about a year.

If it is true let’s hope Westminster don’t notice that Mr. Tuckley is under investigation for Misconduct in Public Office. On the other hand councillors will probably highly value his experience in hiding criminality.

Incidentally the police have asked to interview me about his role in the Cheryl Bacon affair next week.

Would be MP
I am going to have to be more than usually opaque with this one but an acquaintance who lives out of the borough told me that he finds Bonkers interesting. This is because the old friend has links to a Bexley councillor’s family. He says of the councillor concerned that he has aspirations to be an MP but was the black sheep of the family and isn’t very bright. Is that opaque enough? It’s a description that could probably be applied to most councillors, and not just in Bexley.

Care services
When Chris Taylor was a councillor I was able to remind you from time to time that he bragged more than once that Bexley council had screwed the care agencies into the ground more than any other nearby authority and through a disabled friend I was able to see how this affected the care workers who found it difficult to provide the level of service they would prefer to give.

A month ago I reported how Bexley council let down a sick friend who needed care at home after a long spell in hospital. When it was eventually provided the staff proved to be pretty good although punctuality has again been a weak point. However it does mean that I have heard all over again that care workers are blaming Bexley council’s lower pay rates for Bexley residents tending to get a poorer service than those in other boroughs.


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