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Bonkers Blog September 2014

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19 September (Part 1) - Offloading Bexley’s costs on to someone else

The number of my friends and relations in hospital is currently reduced to two. It could have been only one except for what the patient called ‘Bloody Bexley’. He has been very unwell and it is seven weeks since he was admitted. The doctors came to the view he had recovered sufficiently to go home at the beginning of this month but he would need home care. It took a week to get a start date out of Bexley council and his transport home was arranged for this morning. However it was not to be. Bexley council’s cuts have bitten so deep that there is no one available to do home visits.

Once again Bexley’s cuts cause heartache and inconvenience and the costs to be deferred to another government agency, just like not locking parks at night pushes costs on to the police. Incidentally, I have only been into one park since 1st September after dark and no one else was there. It felt slightly spooky so I beat a hasty retreat.

For another ‘incidentally’, I have been to King’s College Hospital as a visitor eight times this year and only once has the train back from Denmark Hill not been cancelled, and the one exception got stuck at a red light The driver kept apologising but didn’t know why and I got home 20 minutes late. I am beginning to see why South Eastern is regularly voted the worst train company in the country.


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