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Bonkers Blog April 2014

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28 April (Part 2) - Minor updates

There’s probably been too much road related stuff here over the past few days but apart from that there is currently not a lot to report, but here are some minor updates on old stories…

Bridleway 250
You may remember that Bexley council allowed partial closure of Bridleway 250 on the authority of police sergeant Alison Bateman after one crime in five years when the law says that closure requires the agreement of the Secretary of State who will give it only after it is shown that a bridleway is the cause of persistent crime. Bexley council is simply not interested in upholding the law and as usual hopes the problem will go away. A suitable letter has been sent to the Secretary of State, I’ve not seen it but presumably it advises him that Mike Frizoni has raised two fingers in his direction.

Closed Session
Akin Alabi told Mick Barnbrook that after five members of the public refused to leave the council offices on 19th June 2013 the police had to eject them. This of course is a total lie. If any of them had been rough handled by the cops I would have blogged about it, instead I described them as jovial bobbies. They in turn said no crime was committed and that one was a Bonkers’ reader. It’s hardly likely they would have said that in the presence of council staff but according to Alabi five people including me were prepared to risk arrest by refusing a request to leave by someone who wasn’t there and who in my presence denied all knowledge of the unsigned statement he was supposed to have written.

Despite all the evidence to the contrary it was reported by their Inspector that Constables Kelly and Arthurs did have to eject us because we refused to go peaceably. It’s hard to see why two police constables would risk a charge of Misconduct in Public Office to protect the lying councillor Cheryl Bacon and her fellow fabricators so Mick Barnbrook put in a Freedom of Information request for a copy of the police statements. You won’t be surprised to hear that the borough commander has refused it. Whether this is because the statements don’t exist or because they say something completely different from what has been reported I do not know.

The last two Bexley borough commanders started off by pulling small stunts which escalated into big ones and eventually found themselves under Investigation for Misconduct in Public Office. We may be heading for the hat trick.

Index to related blogs and documents.

Will Tuckley
The Chief Executive has not yet replied to the letter that formally advises him that councillors from both political parties have provided email confirmation from which the only possible conclusion is that councillor Cheryl Bacon is a liar. Not a single witness has confirmed what Bacon stated although several highly paid council officials who weren’t there have backed her but refused to seek witnesses. Mr. Tuckley has not yet responded to the evidence which shows the council he runs to be corrupt to its core. Presumably he will want to draw a veil over it at least until after the election.

Another possibility is that he is collaborating with the police to “resolve the situation” as he did when councillor Peter Craske got himself into trouble.

The Election
I asked Mick Barnbrook how he was getting on with canvassing in Blackfen & Lamorbey and found him in a buoyant mood. I’m not sure why because he told me that a very high proportion of voters have nothing much to say beyond “I’m voting UKIP”. However such people have three votes so there is room for Bexley Action Group crosses on the ballot paper. To read Tory Tweets you would think they were going to romp home on an increased majority.

Mick also said there is a lot of interest in what happened to councillor Peter Craske after his arrest and he has been referring them to Bexley is Bonkers. To make it easier for new readers to navigate to the dedicated Craske page a new link has been added to the Index page at

I gave him some Bonkers leaflets to hand to interested parties too. Craske has been the publicity man for telephone masts and fixed odds gambling machines so I hope he appreciates the efforts made towards handing him the same treatment.

New Readers
I told an enquirer at the weekend that the number of Bonkers’ readers had not gone up much in the run up to the election, “no more than 10%” I said. A more careful review showed this to be wrong. It varies from day to day of course but the numbers recorded this month are at least 20% above March and daily unique visitors are breaching the 25% increase mark on some days.

One new reader asked “how do you get away with making these statements?" The answer to that probably has something to do with never making things up. Everything you read about the hard core of thoroughly dishonest Conservative councillors - they are all Conservative at the moment but that could change - and the top brass who are well paid for their loyalty, is true.

Usually Bexley council provides the evidence of its own dishonesty and nothing controversial ever goes on line without evidence being posted too. To make something up would instantly destroy all credibility. A lesson Bexley council has failed to learn.



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