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Bonkers Blog April 2014

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22 April (Part 1) - Meeting scheduled. Will the Chairman show her face?

Let’s see if I can get this show back on the road. Currently time is being soaked up by attending to three people in need of help, two failing computers, both nearly new, and don’t even ask about the domestic chores.

Bacon AlabiFortunately Mick Barnbrook has taken on pursuing Bexley council for the lies written to both of us by various senior officers in defence of the source of their predicament, the incompetent lying councillor Cheryl Bacon and the Closed Session affair.

She is the only person to have said that the public were shouting and waving papers and generally disrupting her Public Realm meeting of 19th June last year to the extent that she had to take it into Closed Session. Not one of the witnesses she subsequently produced supported her version of events but Will Tuckley, Akin Alabi and Nick Hollier all refused to interview councillors who were prepared to tell the truth.

Mick’s analysis of the papers has thrown up even more discrepancies in Bexley council’s story and he decided to write to Chief Executive Will Tuckley one last time before taking the Misconduct in Public Office route. For the first time, Bexley council has been formally advised that we have written confirmation from councillors present at Bacon’s meeting councillors that no disturbance took place.

Tuckley Hollier SandhuSeparately Mick Barnbrook has been corresponding with Chief Superintendent Peter Ayling about Police Constables Shaun Kelly and Peter Arthurs who attended the meeting of 19th June and behaved very reasonably towards the members of the public still present.

The blog the following day reflected that fact but now, according to emails from their Chief Inspector, they are backing the lies told by Bexley council including the ‘fact’ that I and others refused to leave the building when asked. Why weren’t we arrested and why didn’t the police’s report to the press give any indication of troublemaking?

One can only assume they, like Chief Superintendents Stringer and Olissa before them - both currently under investigation for Misconduct in Public Office - came under political pressure. Once again Mr. Barnbrook has found discrepancies in the correspondence as is to be expected when so many officials make up stories.

If Cheryl Bacon had simply said sorry the next day her mistake would have been long forgotten. By following the line that it is never wrong Bexley council has allowed the reputations of Will Tuckley (Chief Executive), Akin Alabi (Head of Legal Services), Lynn Tyler (Legal Team Manager), Nick Hollier (Human Resources Manager) and Rebecca Sandhu (Independent Person appointed under the Localism Act) to be further trashed. All of them must know by now that Cheryl Bacon lied comprehensively about what took place under her poor chairmanship but none will stray from the party line despite the evidence that it is wholly wrong. Instead, as has been seen too often in the past, they drag their police friends down the same dishonest path.

Cheryl Bacon is paid £8,800 a year for chairing four meetings a year but has not shown up to chair one since photography was allowed in the chamber. She is due to perform at the Civic Centre at 19:30 this evening and unless she takes leave of her senses again, anyone can show up and see what a liar looks like.



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