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Bonkers Blog February 2013

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27 February (Part 2) - Parking fines. Exposing Bexley’s dishonesty. (Episode 14)

The end of the file provided by the ex-policeman has been reached. He had been illegally ticketed for parking outside KFC in Bexleyheath Broadway where the No loading stripes had disappeared from the kerb and the road side signs were totally obscured by flower baskets. A ticket issued on 5th August 2009 was still being debated in 2012, by which time the complainant was dipping a tentative toe into the world of computers.

After complaining to Chief Executive Will Tuckley on 14th February 2012 he received an email from parking supremo Mike Frizoni. Unfortunately that email no longer exists but the reply does. It reminds Frizoni that a Director had already accepted that the ticket should not have been issued so the writer was in no mood to accept the council had acted honourably.
Letter to Mike Frizoni
The writer further reminds Mr. Frizoni of the various lame excuses encountered in the previous two years. Mr. Greg Tippett blaming his failure to resolve the situation at the very earliest stage because he viewed a black and white photograph in preference to the colour original was particularly ridiculous. Tina Brooks and councillor Peter Craske came under fire too for claiming to be fully aware of the relevant statutes but refusing to comment on their relevance. Well that could be incriminating - no chance!
Letter to Mike FrizoniHaving pinned Frizoni into a corner the inevitable happened. Frizoni ignored the comments totally and carried on with his policy of abusing the law whenever he gets the opportunity.

How about that Valentine’s Day letter to Tuckley? Well the best one can say is that it wasn’t ignored. The response was dated 8th March 2012.
Reply from Tuckley
A Freedom of Information request had already exposed Mr. Loynes’ report as consisting of two short emails and a scribbled note which together said almost nothing; but it satisfied Tuckley and he slammed his door firmly shut lest any admission of failure leaked out.

After two years and seven months no one, except perhaps Mr. Paul Moore, would admit that this disabled pensioner who appealed his unjustified parking ticket was met by a conspiracy of lies. He made his views very clear in one final message.

Note: Vincipark was Bexley council’s parking contractor when the penalty notice was issued.
This story has been reported in 14 episodes. A cumulative version is provided for convenience.


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