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Bonkers Blog February 2013

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11 February (Part 2) - More blatant lies by Bexley council

Oakhouse Road Oakhouse Road Free evening parking in Oakhouse Road, Bexleyheath was withdrawn at the end of last year and it wasn’t at all obvious why a length of road completely open on one side and with no houses on the other should be so restricted except as a money making exercise.

Mick Barnbrook did the necessary and sent in a Freedom of Information request seeking a copy of the official justification for such a move.

It transpires there isn’t any real justification, no request from local residents, no accident report, no, nothing like that. All Mick got was a made up lie.

Statement of Reasons
Honestly, that’s all there was. Just a covering note referring to a piece of paper headed ‘Statement of Reason’ and a repeat of what had been taped to the lamp post.

Drivers might park inconsiderately anywhere; I couldn’t get my own car out on to the road last Friday evening and again last night because of inconsiderate parking. If that in itself is a valid reason for parking restrictions then welcome to a borough with 100% yellow line coverage. It is coming by stealth anyway under a council that doesn’t need a reason. The photos shows how honest the visibility excuse is.

The name of the council liar in this case is Mike Frizoni, Deputy Director of Environment aided and abetted by Mr. Vinny Rey, telephone 020 3045 5935, the architect of so many of Bexley council’s traffic fiascos. Ruxley roundabout, badly sited traffic islands, etc.


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