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The two and a half year parking saga

A letter to the Chief Executive - 12th April 2012

No reply to the allegation of fraud was forthcoming

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sagaMr. Tuckley,

You should hang your head in shame because you are an absolute hypocrite. You should recall and destroy all your complaints leaflets and headed notepaper and reprint the lot, this time replacing the text with “Ignoring you and working against you. All complaints will be disregarded absolutely. We are never wrong although we do employ crooks to maintain parking control.”

You have no idea what you are talking about. In your letter of 8th March 2012 you state in one paragraph that Mr. Loynes completed an adequate investigation, then go on to say it was thorough. There is a large chasm between adequate and thorough. How could you appoint a man who is obviously mentally unstable to conduct a serious complaint of this nature?

You sit in your ‘ivory tower’ at the civic offices completely unaware of the Traffic Management Act 2004 and the Transport Secretary’s Statutory guidelines to the above and rely on people like Tippett to advise you. If he is a sample of the calibre of your staff you should sack the lot. He makes a nonsense of the parking control acts. Having experienced your parking control’s lack of integrity it leads me to believe that it is staffed by a collection of Artful Dodgers who must have been trained by Fagin as their main aim in life is to pick the pockets of innocent motorists.

In fact all your managers have systematically failed to address the widespread fraud and malpractices endemic in the borough’s parking control, apart from Mr. Moore, who appears to be the only honest man in the job, whilst Mr. Loynes must be your stooge. He couldn’t investigate a pimple on his backside, I think he must have been a painter and decorator in a previous life, he has completed a first class whitewash.

How can two men (Mr. Moore and Mr. Loynes) presented with the same evidence arrive at such contrasting conclusions?

I have reviewed all the correspondence to and from the council and there are so many discrepancies between answers given by your senior staff that widespread fraud appears to be endemic within Parking Control. All have confirmed they have found “nothing untoward” in the issuing or processing of PCN No.XL33125428. This expression doesn’t mean a thing, it is a cop out.

Perhaps you would consider answering the question asked; that would be a first.

Why did CEO BL286 issue a PCN when lines had eroded completely and the signs were obscured by two flowering baskets?

Why did none of the CEOs report the erosion of the cross kerb chevrons during 2009? That is part of their job description as per the Traffic Management Act.

Why did Authorised Officer I.S. issue a rejection of my representation when he had not visited the site to ascertain if my challenge was legitimate? Again this is part of their job description.

Why did CEO BL286, in his report and notes answer Yes when asked were all lines and signs correct when he was aware this was a lie?

Why did Tippett say my digital images which I submitted were of little use in determining the validity of the issue of the PCN because you scanned them in black and white? Black and white or colour they show the lines had eroded and the sign was obscured by two flowering baskets.

To scan my coloured images in black and white was sharp practice that did not work.

Both CEO 286 and Authorised Officer I.S. have attempted to obtain money under false pretences.

Tippett, Ward, Loynes and yourself have tried to cover it up (with no success).

The only honest person in Bexley council is Paul Moore who visited my home and examined all the evidence and concluded, I quote, “The PCN should not have been issued to you as the road markings were unclear or poor and the sign was obscured by a hanging basket”. He also said “The Parking Officer considered your representation but did not inspect the site. Instead they relied on the warden’s statement.” This is a contradiction of the TMA and Guidelines and the reason for employing Authorised Officers.

He also sent me a cheque for £60 for my favourite charity drawn from his own personal bank account. I of course declined it, Mr. Moore should not be out of pocket trying to defend the criminal activity of two unscrupulous employees.

Because the PCN was eventually cancelled, all senior officers say the appeal process worked. It seems to matter not that these two committed a criminal offence and you all support their actions.

I understand that you are not answering any of my correspondence. Please place this on my file for future reference. Then all your employees can see the calibre of the man who is useless as their Chief Executive.

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