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Bonkers Blog October 2010

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29 October - Crazy changes to Abbey Road are still a load of bollards - click any image for more information and photo gallery (4 images)

Abbey Road Bollards fiasco Abbey Road Bollards fiasco Abbey Road Bollards unfinished Abbey Road Bollards lit

Long term readers will know that this website began as a reaction to the changes imposed on the B213 in Belvedere and the incompetence, deceit and lies of the responsible officer; the duplicity of councillor Davey and the gullibility, or as seems more likely in retrospect, the sheer bloody-mindedness of the council’s transport villain, self-publicist, expenses king and crass councillor, one Peter Craske.

The failure to complete the job more than 18 months after work began has been regularly documented here, most recently on 31 August and more extensively a few days earlier.

Last Monday a little bit more work was done towards final completion; why it has to be done in dribs and drabs can probably only be answered by the tortured minds to be found in Bexley’s planning departments - the very people who install roundabouts that cannot be driven around. I don’t propose to go into the details of the latest developments here but they are available as part of the associated photo gallery. To avoid any possible misinterpretation of the accompanying photos I should state that the first is a previously unused one from the blog of 31 August, the middle pair is from Tuesday of this week, and the fourth was taken at 6.30 yesterday morning. The reason for the differing dates is explained in the picture gallery. The latest work was carried out last Monday, the day I had traded in my camera for another that arrived the next day. Hence no picture of Conway’s latest little earner in progress.


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