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Bonkers Blog September 2010

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13 September - Another massive Bexley council cock-up - click image for photo gallery (3 images)

New roundabout impassable by buses Someone in the know at F.M. Conway’s who do practically all the council’s road works has called to let me know why the roundabout construction at the junction of Wickham Lane and Oakhampton Crescent has been on hold for the last month or so. Apparently it has been so beautifully designed by the council’s best brains that buses can’t get round it. And you thought I was being a bit hard on Andrew Bashford’s road planning department and cretinous councillor Craske? Shouldn’t they be made to pay for their costly mistakes?

The same source told me that the power cut last week was caused by someone working on the Ruxley corner roundabout fiasco severing a very large cable. Councillor Peter Catterall (Welling) is quoted in the press as saying “these latest cuts reflect more problems with EDF Energy” but if he is quoted accurately, and there is evidence that at the very least the words were taken out of context, it could more fairly be argued that they reflect the total lack of project management skills by Bexley council. My informant said that someone didn’t want to pay for the detailed plans and took a chance. Lucky it didn’t kill someone, that sort of power can vapourise large chunks of metal.


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