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Bonkers Blog August 2010

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Old Farm

25 August - An unhappy anniversary - click any image for photo gallery (2 images)

Unfinished bollard Unlit bollardToday marks the first anniversary of the demolition of the keep left bollards in Abbey Road, otherwise known as pedestrian refuges. This one has never been restored to service although a half-hearted attempt was made to reconnect the electricity supply six weeks ago. The green plastic barrier used to protect the hole in the pavement still lies forlornly on the path but the sign remains unlit.

When I last spoke to a council official about this dangerous neglect I was told it had not been forgotten and maybe it hasn’t, but what possible reason can there be for leaving a gaping unlit hole in the road for a whole year? I think the time has come to name the council official who has been overseeing this ridiculous and unwarranted delay. He is Rupert Cheeseman and the same man I decided not to name on 18th September last year when numerous cars were ticketed for parking after he stupidly placed temporary prohibition signs outside the restricted area. When shown the problem he had created he merely shrugged and walked away.

Contrast that attitude with a report I made today of a drain cover which had lifted proud of the road surface and posed a minor hazard to traffic. Within nine minutes my email was acknowledged and in rather less than three hours the drain had been repaired. If the ‘Northern Area Manager’ can go out of his way to care for motorists and the residents of Bexley, why is that useless individuals like Andrew Bashford and Cheeseman are allowed to treat them with total contempt?


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