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Bonkers Blog November 2009

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27 November - Too narrow by far - click image for photo gallery (1 image)

14 inch of road relaidA new drain pipe has been laid under the kerb in Abbey Road leaving a road infill about 14" (35 centimetres) wide. The contractor rightly judged that the road was too narrow with the small strip temporarily unavailable and so the traffic lights had to remain until this afternoon when the underlying concrete had set. What better illustration does one need that the road is too narrow when the loss of a foot of width renders it impassable? No wonder it feels so dangerous to stand on one of those refuges and have fast moving traffic passing the end of your nose and that motorists clip the kerb or even hit and injure pedestrians.

Maybe it is time to remind ourselves who is responsible for this disgrace. It was Andrew Bashford who headed the team responsible for the design and withheld information about its likely consequences when consulting a small minority of affected residents. It was Conservative councillor Peter Craske who failed to spot the flaws in the design and authorised the go-ahead, and it was Conservative councillor John Davey who said he saw no justification for it but decided to stand idly by. Standing idly by is what he does it seems, because he knew full well that motorists were being given parking tickets in the most dubious of circumstances but once again thought his loyalties lay with fellow councillors and council employees rather than his electorate. To my mind that is a form of corruption. Remember how Craske and Davey have let us all down when the next elections are due in six months time.


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