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Bonkers Blog October 2009

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23 October - How long before we have a fatality in Abbey Road? - click image for photo gallery (1 image)

Scene of accident“This road was not identified as one of the priority roads, based upon its collision history assessment, during our annual reviews of the borough.” So said the incompetent Andrew Bashford while trying to argue his case for the redesign of Abbey Road after a Transport Research Laboratory consultant predicted that the lack of recovery space for drivers was a recipe for accidents. It’s a pity Mr. Bashford is so arrogant and deaf to advice, because this evening there was another serious accident in Abbey Road.

I have already commented on the fact that anyone standing on a central pedestrian refuge is, thanks to the imposition of a cycle track on the pavement, now within a couple of feet of speeding traffic whereas the distance used to be about five feet greater. Anyone with a dog on a lead is in considerable danger and there is simply not enough room for anyone pushing a child’s pram. The slightest miscalculation by a passing driver will result in terrible injuries or worse.

That is exactly what happened at 6 p.m. today. A man waiting for a gap in the traffic (on the refuge shown here) was struck by a car going in the opposite direction that ran out of road while negotiating the Andrew Bashford approved restricted carriageway. Mr. Bashford’s lack of expertise, his belief that he knows better than any Transport Research Laboratory expert, not to mention a total lack of commonsense has resulted in someone’s leg being severely injured.


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