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Bonkers Blog September 2009

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23 September - The accident last Wednesday

After the accident last week I emailed the chap at the Transport Research Laboratory who predicted traffic accidents on Abbey Road to say that events had proved him right. But they are cautious people at TRL and he reminded me that it could be caused by a heart attack at the wheel or similar. However now that I have listened to eye-witness reports I know that was not the case. I emailed back to tell him. In reply he said “Don’t let them (the council) fob you off with blaming it on mobile phone use. Accidents are very seldom the result of a single cause and usually occur when a few factors combine and usually it’s the case that remove any one of the factors and it doesn’t happen. On that basis even if distraction as a result of mobile phone use is one contributory factor the changed road design could be another and and it may well be that if all else stayed the same and the road design was changed back the accident would not have happened.”

This is all a bit academic of course because our useless councillor and Mr. Bashford who admitted that accident statistics didn’t figure in his plans have both failed to acknowledge my request for information when it becomes available.


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