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Bonkers Blog November 2009

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18 November - More attempts to cover up their mistakes - click any image for photo gallery (5 images)

Extra keep left signs Extra keep left signsBexley council never learns from its mistakes does it? They make so many that you would have thought a penny might have dropped by now, but they press on with their incompetence as if their jobs depend on it, and in a way they do. If they got things right for a change they might run out of things to waste our money on.

Once again today’s spotlight falls on Abbey Road which thanks to council stupidity and the toothless councillor Davey failing to act on his belief that its redesign couldn’t be justified, is fast developing into an accident black spot. The only problem with Abbey Road was that it was straight and some lawless people used it as a racetrack and a few would even overtake on the wrong side of Keep Left bollards. But it was not only straight, it was wide, which allowed reasonable separation between vehicles and pavement, so it didn’t register on the council’s radar for being dangerous. In the words of my Transport Research Laboratory commentator, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”, but that doesn’t make work for idle hands or satisfy the politically correct agenda of people like Andrew Bashley who deceived residents with a restricted and less than truthful public consultation and was determined to justify his existence whatever the risk to life and limb.

Needless to say his mad-cap scheme has not in any obvious way slowed the traffic, but it has predictably caused more impatience which in turn has led to reckless overtaking and accidents. Today the latest Elastoplast® is being applied to patch up the expensive mess Bexley council has created. The plastic Keep Left bollards are being augmented by metal keep left signs mounted on steel poles. Traditional Keep Left bollards are lightweight plastic shells illuminated from ground mounted lamps so that in the event of an accident they cause minimal damage and can be inexpensively replaced. But a proven safety measure is now being abandoned in a desperate attempt to catch the attention of those frustrated by Bexley’s latest road design disaster. What makes Bexley council think that a metal sign will be more effective than an illuminated plastic one? Ah, my mistake; thinking is not what they do is it? Next time there is an accident like this we will not only have a pedestrian’s leg badly injured but his skull will be cracked too as a steel pole crashes into his head.


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