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Bonkers Blog November 2009

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2 November - Cyclists’ race track puts pedestrians at risk - click image for photo gallery (1 image)

Street clutterI suppose it was inevitable once councillor Craske had signed away half a million pounds on the basis of five sentences of ill-researched advice from Andrew Bashford that the environment would be despoiled by yet more street clutter in Abbey Road. At the point shown six cycling signs have been installed today within the space of 30 metres, and that’s just on one side of the road.

Councillor Davey, never forget, said on 7th May this year “The idea is that the pavement will be split into a cycle track and a pedestrian track, so the cyclists (I have never seen any in this road) will not have to go on the road.” So the Vice-Chairman of the Transport Scrutiny Sub-Committee stands idly by while your money goes down the drain even though the number of cyclists is so small that he has never seen any. Is he mad, incompetent or corrupt?

Serious injuries to pedestrians causing permanent disabilities and brain damage have occurred elsewhere due to schemes like this but Bexley council doesn’t care. Note how it has put up the signs sanctioning cycling on the pavement before it has put the promised dividing lines on the footway proving once again Bexley council’s total lack of commonsense and contempt for residents’ safety. I noted glass across the carriageway again while taking this photograph. Has the crazy redesign claimed another victim?

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