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News and Comment January 2011

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3 January - Another parking restriction - click image for photo gallery (1 image)

Meter on a yellow lineA couple of months ago Bexley council embarked on a programme of further parking restrictions on 160 roads across the borough so reports of extra difficulties imposed on motorists and businesses were to be expected. Today’s comes from a resident of Abbey Road which is just off The Broadway in Bexleyheath (visible in the background of the photograph).

The Abbey Road resident says that the parking meter was handy for those popping into the nearby shops for a few minutes or the business owners who needed to leave their vehicle nearby for a longer time. That has been made more difficult and vehicles are displaced further along the road which is residents only. I suppose the fine revenue for offending against the C.P.Z. is greater than a few pence per hour from a parking meter. It doesn’t compare with the havoc wreaked by Bexley council on Blackfen Road or Albany Park but it is part of the steady drip drip of attrition waged on car owners by councillor Craske’s department.

Minister Greg Clarke said today that the government was “ending the war on the motorist” and rules which “unfairly penalised drivers”. Call me an old cynic but cretinous Craske is not going to take any notice of that. A man who can tell bare-faced lies in front of the entire council, the press and quite a number of members of the public isn’t likely to take any notice of government guidance. But at least you can tell when he is lying, the beetroot colour gets even deeper.


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