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Bonkers Blog October 2010

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31 October - More parking restrictions on the way. Another cynical tax on motorists by the despot Craske?

Last Wednesday’s News Shopper carried an announcement by Bexley council to the effect that 160 roads within the borough are to have their waiting and loading restrictions amended. That will be code for further restrictions won’t it? With road and traffic matters under the malign control of the vile councillor Craske it’s not going to be a token of generosity by a benevolent council, that’s for sure. A further twelve roads not so far subject to Craske’s tax raising megalomania are to be patrolled by the his S.S. boys. The detail is said to be available at the council’s Contact Centre.

Two of the roads listed I pass along twice daily so I know that they are in one case completely devoid of adjoining properties with space for about six cars if they are parked considerately, and the other road has seven houses and six spaces, one of which is ‘disabled only’ and three of which are very rare specimens, they are within a Controlled Parking Zone but totally free of restrictions. What odds would you give on them disappearing? There used to be four parking spots there but six months ago Bexley council surreptitiously extended the double yellow line by one car length.

I try to be careful when accusing councillors and officials of law-breaking and corruption and only do so when they have admitted it or it is only too obvious, but a number of leaks from inside sources make me ever more confident that they are guilty of both. A phone call from a council office threw some light on how there is little or no chance of life in Bexley improving and the entire emphasis is on pain for residents, and papers I saw from legal sources I could hardly believe such is the level of dishonesty by high-ranking officials and councillors they portray. It’s not for me to steal the thunder of others but I await their decision to go public with great interest. It would appear we are being governed locally by crooks.


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