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News and Comment January 2019

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31 January (Part 1) - Just deserts (sic)

BunkerJust a day after there had been an updated reference to the desecration of Lesnes Abbey Woods by Mr. Singh than Bexley Council sprang into action; it’s only been four months since it was brought to their notice.

They have issued an enforcement notice.

Mr. Singh has been given three months to…

• Remove the raised platform.
• Remove all the retaining walls.
• Infill all the excavated areas and provide the uniform surface that existed before the unauthorised development took place.
• Remove all the debris that work will create.

Brilliant; that will cost him a pretty penny.

I made enquiries about who would be so mean spirited to have reported Singh’s neighbours for having his excess spoil on their land. The answer surprised me but then on reflection it didn’t. Who is it that has been the villain of this piece throughout?


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