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News and Comment October 2018

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9 October (Part 1) - Drawing a line

238 Woolwich Road 238 Woolwich RoadIf you go down in the woods today…

…you will find that Bexley’s planning officers have been out with their GPS surveying gear and marked out the boundary of the Lesnes Abbey woods and 238 Woolwich Road with a spray painted line. Residents say it goes across the concrete slab and the fence shown in Photo 2.

I imagine Mr. Singh is not best pleased.

See previous report for full details.

Photo later after I have trudged up the hill!

238 Woolwich Road 238 Woolwich RoadI climbed the hill and the boundary has been marked with metal studs, wooden posts and yellow paint which bisects the fence. Whether it cuts across the concrete slab I could not see without getting right on to it (†) and what looked like one of Singh’s men was at the other end.

Having walked along the high path from the top of New Road I would guess that several boundary fences may have ‘migrated’ over the years.

† A neighbour has since confirmed that the line does cut across the concrete slab to a small extent.


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