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Bonkers Blog May 2016

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13 May (Part 1) - Apparently it is true

PollardCouncillors have begun to confirm yesterday’s report that their colleague Joe Pollard has indeed emigrated.

I suspect that it will be kept secret for as long as possible so as not to have the by-election on EU Referendum Day. Bexley Council is fairly obviously anti-EU at the top and it would appear to be the case that a low turnout would favour Brexit, so risking a higher turnout because of a Council election on the same day may not be favoured.

In practice the St. Michael’s ward residents are unlikely to tip the national balance either way.

Incidentally, one of the motives for deciding three weeks ago that BiB should not be even-handed in the EU debate was to see how many complaints it might generate. I have to report that the number has now risen to one.

Probably that is not a reliable statistic. I have a feeling that whilst being pro-Brexit might annoy some readers enough for them to drift away, only the extraordinarily petty minded would actually go the whole hog. Not just Unfollowing and Unliking on Twitter but going to the trouble of writing to tell me about it.

So that’s one reader definitely lost for all time! I don’t like smoking , tattoos or cheese. That’ll be well over half the readers gone now.


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