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News and Comment June 2016

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22 June (Part 3) - Bexley Vandals

Leather BottleIt’s not only publishing videos of Anna Firth that causes trouble, so can taking pictures of demolished public houses. Ye Olde Leather Bottle crashed to the ground today and no sooner had I leaned against the boundary wall and took a picture and I was surrounded and jostled by four men all very anxious to hide their identity while filming me on their mobile phones.

Hiding HidingApparently it is illegal to take photographs of other people’s houses and they know who I am. “You run a website called Bexley Idiots or something and we are going to find out where you live.”

The bushy bearded one said he had been in touch with “his MP Teresa something and she knows all about you and is going to have something done about you calling us ragheads”. All the while I was being jostled and pushed away by people who, as far as I can ascertain have committed no crime. Maybe I should ascertain some more.

Anyway, the news is that Ye Olde Leather Bottle is no more and Bexley Council did not lift a finger to prevent it happening.


It was the one on the right who caused most trouble. He has accosted me on every one of my several visits.


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