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Bonkers Blog June 2016

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22 June (Part 2) - Mrs. Marmite

DaveyI have been in a fair bit of trouble with a small number of people for pushing Anna Firth’s videos. I emailed her to let her know how much grief she had caused, however it seems to be a lot less grief than her EU campaign has caused her.

I suppose that is some sort of win win situation. Her videos pleased the OUTers and those who aren’t keen on Anna will not be upset to hear she is in the firing line too.

If tomorrow’s vote isn’t what Anna would like to see you can be sure there will be an avalanche of nasty things lined up for us over the coming months. The EU Army, the TPIN and its negative effect on the NHS and the fast tracking of Turkey’s membership.

Almost nobody says anything about that other acronym. EUTIN. The European Union Tax Identification Number. The Eurocrats have voted to give everyone a European Tax Code. They already control indirect taxation as was discovered when the reduction of VAT on energy bills and sanitary products was blocked. Now they have approved raids directly on your income. And there will be worse to come.

EUTIN explained by Liam Fox MP.
EUTIN discussion on Mumsnet.


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