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News and Comment September 2015

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24 September (Part 1) - From meetings to maps

This evening Bexley’s Audit Committee will gather to mark the beginning of the short meetings season before Bexley council shuts up shop for Christmas.

The last meeting of any note was Cabinet on 21st July which spawned a whole series of blogs between the 22nd and the 28th of the month and until the next Cabinet meeting on 13th October news is in short supply. It will however be the lull before the big storm when savage spending cuts and silver sales are likely to be nodded through. If they are not, Bexley’s entire budget strategy will fall apart.

Until then there is little other than Press Releases to sustain Bexley is Bonkers.

Boundaries Commission
Rather late in the day Bexley council is encouraging residents to take part in the Boundaries Commission survey - only two weeks behind the times.

Local Offer
Another Press Release concerns itself with something called Local Offer. Not a phrase that instantly communicates its purpose, however it concerns Special Educational Needs so if that is a matter for you, best look at the website too.

Ye Olde Leather Bottle
MapThe work being carried out on the site of the Leather Bottle continues to create an interest and, coincidence or not, a peak in web visitors.

Thanks to the local Labour councillors, Daniel Francis in particular, it is confirmed that Bexley council knows all about the right of way across the site and will ensure its continuation one way or another, maybe with a diversion.

The correspondence has thrown up a rather wonderful website which compares old maps with new. For the view around the Leather Bottle click here.

For the whole of the area pictured, click here. You will need a large screen, preferably a dual arrangement, to see it at its best.


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