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News and Comment September 2015

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23 September (Part 1) - More Bottle

Ye Olde Leather Bottle has, in terms of email responses, been the most ‘popular’ subject for a long time. The information provided mainly amounts to what was reported yesterday. A couple of men with a JCB have been uprooting trees, and there is nothing illegal about that.
Leather Bottle
From Bexley council, via the local councillors, comes news that the pub and its land has been bought by someone with a history of buying up disused public houses and putting up flats in their place, but no such application has been made.

The facade of the Leather Bottle is listed and the site is expected to be fenced off before long. If/when a planning application is submitted, local residents will be consulted in the normal way.

The fencing may prove interesting because local residents say that there is a long established right of way through the pub grounds and that the council has very recently acknowledged its existence.


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