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Bonkers Blog November 2015

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9 November (Part 2) - More traffic chaos planned. This time it looks like being permanent

Bexley council proposes to mess around with Albion Road again to make it look more like Broadway. Wreck it possibly. Yet another consultation is in prospect but don’t expect that to make a scrap of difference.

Today Bexley council has issued a Press Release on the subject. The work is going to take a year. Oh joy!

Albion RoadThe central reservation from the Bowling Centre to Townley Road is to be removed and the four lanes reduced to two. Two lanes are to be lost between Townley Road and Highland Road too.

From there to Gravel Hill four lanes will be retained.

The now abandoned Tesco plans included closing Highland Road altogether turning Bexley into one huge roundabout. It is not clear to me yet whether that crazy scheme has been abandoned or not.

At first sight the plans look to be absolutely Bonkers. The queues in Albion Road can be quite long enough without halving the road capacity.

Click image above for larger PDF version.


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