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Bonkers Blog September 2011

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12 September (Part 1) - Going round in circles

Map of Bexleyheath
The map above is how I believe Bexleyheath town centre’s road layout will look after the new Tesco store is built. The difference between then and now is that North/South traffic will no longer be able to go via Highland Road but will be forced to take the detour via Gravel Hill. The impact of that on traffic to and from the 2,000 pupil school in Woolwich Road when it meets Tesco’s customers in Broadway and Albion Road should be interesting. There are already seven sets of traffic lights over that short distance.

Tesco customers are to be presented with two ways into and out of their car park. I pity those who have come from Bexley village and take the exit to Broadway, there is no way back for them without circumnavigating the town. Customers from Welling who use the Albion Road exit will have quite a problem too. I suppose they will eventually learn the hard way but if you need to exit town via Townley Road there is no simple answer. Bexley council never could design a decent road layout, if it could this site wouldn’t exist. Does Andrew Bashford still work at Bexley council?

By the time all this happens the council will have dragged all its staff in from outlying offices to work in the refurbished Woolwich building at the eastern end of Broadway. There surely will be a lot more congestion there than there is now.


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