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Bonkers Blog November 2015

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8 November (Part 2) - Weeping over willows

It’s not been a good week for trees in Bexley. The council set out to soften up residents in Bexley Village with a letter before they inflict six months of bridge replacement misery on them. Below is a small section of it.
It said nothing about the destruction of the willow trees by the riverside.

They used to look like this…
Google Street View
On Friday the trees were cut down.
Trees Tree

Click image for wider view.

Trees may be the biggest casualty of Bexley council’s push for growth. Eighteen months ago their Manifesto spoke of 5,000 new homes.
Now the number is up to 21,500. ‘The Listening Council’ forgot to consult about that.

Photos by Bexley Village businessman.


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