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Bonkers Blog November 2015

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7 November (Part 1) - Pity the birds

When I get fed up with reporting the goings on at Bexley council it can be a relief to read what those more genteel souls at Bexley Wildlife have to say, though even they are not free of council criticism.

Yesterday they were bemoaning the fact that Bexley council’s tardiness over Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation has facilitated a land owner removing all his trees from along the Sidcup to Bexley railway line.

If someone on a loop line train from Sidcup sits on it for 25 minutes and looks to the south as it approaches Abbey Wood he will see similar devastation.

During the past two weeks or so all the trees that may be seen lining the track below (© Google Earth) have gone.
ParakeetI used to wonder why all the fuss about the declining sparrow population, I could nearly always count them well into the teens in my own front garden.

They may be harder to find in future. Never mind, there is always those greedy parakeets to chase away from the bird feeder.

The Crossrail inspired tree removal pictures have been added to the Crossrail Index.


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