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Bonkers Blog November 2015

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6 November (Part 3) - Finished, sort of, a month ago. Time to dig it up again

Getting things right the first time saves an awful lot of time and money. It’s a management technique that has passed Bexley council by.

Bexley Lane Bexley Lane Bexley LaneBexley council spent four months constructing a roundabout at the the end of Bourne Road in Crayford.

Then they set some upturned tram lines into concrete as an added road hazard. When they realised it was a damn fool idea they spent our money on getting rid of them.

Associated with that work was the redesign of Bexley Lane. Teresa O’Neill thought the success of the project warranted a mention in her quarterly report to council.

Probably no one told her it ran a month late and is even now not yet completed.

Bourne Road
BashfordNot only is the project incomplete, next Tuesday it is going to be dug up again and one of the warning signs appears to be entirely blocking the footpath.

Vehicles cannot negotiate the redesigned junction without demolishing the pedestrian refuge. Dangerous if you happen to be standing on it at the time.

Presumably they are going to try to fix it. If at first you don’t succeed…

And they call themselves road designers!

Note: The misspelt sign (Photo 3) was corrected soon afterwards.


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