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Bonkers Blog November 2015

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1 November (Part 1) - The end of the line

Tram linesThe potentially lethal ‘art’ that Bexley council stupidly installed at the London Road, Bourne Road junction in Crayford has been removed. So, it would appear, has the stupidly positioned keep left sign at the end of Bexley Lane.

It’s amazing how Bexley council manages to get road design wrong so often. My son who is a vehicle safety consultant to the European Union insists there is no excuse for it. You plot a proposed design on a computer and software tells you what sort of vehicles can negotiate it, or perhaps more usefully, specify the vehicles that need to be accommodated and the software designs the road.

The keep left sign at the end of Bexley Lane was demolished almost daily according to a reader who lives close by but what would you expect from a council that cannot even design a road sign that shows a roundabout?

All the photographs below taken this morning in the fog. Crayford got off lightly compared to Abbey Wood.

Bexley Lane No tram rails Wrong sign Footpath

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