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Bonkers Blog March 2015

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31 March (Part 2) - Malik malarkey

I would have thought that an essential prerequisite of being a successful politician was a broad pair of shoulders. Immediately after my suggestion that Bexley LibDems did not deserve electoral support while they blocked public access to their website, Bonkers lost a handful of Twitter followers. It may have been coincidence and who cares anyway, but I could name one local aspiring politician who definitely can’t stand the kitchen heat.

The two Twitter comments shown below were posted a couple of weeks apart so presumably not the result of an out of character spur of the moment impulse.

TweetsI will be lucky to get through the next 37 days without upsetting someone and today it may be Bexley Labour’s turn. It concerns their old friend and former councillor Munir Malik. I liked his council chamber appearances, always good for bringing out the worst in his Conservative foes.

Malik was pretty quickly ditched from the Labour party when his financial fibbing in connection with membership of the Co-operative Bank board came to light and I think he was deselected for the Thamesmead East council seat even earlier.

It may be that financial fun and games was a Malik family business, at least a Welsh blogger seems to thinks so.

I suspect the Jac o’ the North blog will appeal most to Bexley councillors eager to gloat or shake their heads in disbelief at the money making and nepotism.

If you should be wondering how a Welsh blog posted only a few hours ago came to my attention so quickly; simple. I was asked if I could confirm one of the author’s own suspicions. He was 99% certain. I gave him the extra 1%.

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