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Bonkers Blog March 2015

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30 March - LibDems ignore imminent election and Bexley mayor displays breathtaking arrogance

LibDems deserve no votes in Bexley
When searching for local political websites to add to the BiB menu I didn’t even think of looking for a Liberal Democrat site which may tell you something about my opinion of that party, but I belatedly decided to make amends. This is the best I could do…
Lib Dems
Mayor shows his true colours
There is an interesting entry on Page 26 of the current Bexley Magazine but it took a nudge from a BiB reader for me to notice it.

Magazine MayorIt was an opportunity to see a 50 minute programme (not two hours as shown) of films from Bexley’s past (1920s to early 1960s). About 150 people, mostly old enough to be able to remember that far back, turned up at the Civic Centre well before the appointed time - which came and went with increasing impatience from the floor.

At Saturday morning pictures we used to stamp on the floor when the film broke or the arc lamp dimmed but apparently that technique doesn’t work any more. We had to wait for the mayor to make an appearance which the arrogant blighter deigned to do 40 minutes after most of us and 25 minutes past the scheduled starting time. Not a word of apology, just councillor Howard Marriner’s usual mumble about nothing in particular, this time at nearly 70 years old he was looking forward to seeing a bit of Bexley’s history. He wasn’t alone, that is why everyone else had got there early.

The mayor is paid nearly £15,000 a year on top of his councillor allowance for parading his chain at public events. You would think he might have the common decency to turn up on time for those who fill his wallet so generously, or at least offer a word of apology for keeping everyone waiting. But no, he is a member of the nasty party and above all that sort of thing.

I don’t suppose I was alone in incurring an extra hour’s car parking fee.

There was a reasonably wide range of subject matter although I would have preferred more recognisable street scenes and less nappy changing. The show was arranged by and the films can be viewed on that website. Click ‘Screen Heritage’. Searching for ‘Bexley’ brings forth dozens of films with no mayoral arrogance to get in the way.


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