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Bonkers Blog July 2015

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19 July (Part 3) - Arriving at Platform 1

Crossrail CrossrailNow that the new London bound North Kent line track bed at Abbey Wood station is nearing completion, work has started on the platform. Concrete has been poured to form the vertical support walls for the up platform.

Further along the line the track from the Plumstead train depot has taken another giant step towards connection to the Dartford bound track.

At the present rate of progress it will only be a few days before a train could in theory make its way to the new facility, the track switch is already in place. Presumably there will be a job for a man with a red flag until the signalling equipment is in place.

As with last week, the Plumstead track photos are hidden in a dark corner of Bonkers. Not easy to obtain; this week it wasn’t just dirty windows that were a problem, too many double glazed units were internally steamed up and I got off one train and waited for another after rushing the length of one carriage that had been extensively window scratched. Reflections were still a problem.

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